Back Sugaring (Back Waxing)

Back Sugaring, (Back Waxing) is one of the most requested services. Here are a couple videos and some before and after photos of back sugaring treatments performed by Jamie Renee.

The cost for a back sugaring is anywhere between $50 and $80. The first and last before and after is $65 the second before and after picture would be $80.

The discomfort of hair removal on the back disappates quickly. Drinking plenty of water will help the hairs release better. When your skin is dehydrated, it will hold on to the root of the hair. This causes hair breakage or a “tug-o-war” with the hair causing more discomfort. Sometimes clients will experience a histamine reaction. I’ll be explaining this more very soon (Dec. 29, 2016). A histamine is a reaction to the hair being removed, not by the product removing it. Now, that doesn’t mean someone can’t have an actual allergic reaction or sensitivities to resins, glycerin or beeswax that resides in waxing products…but we are using sugar which is all natural. The ones who have a histamine reaction typically do not react the same way with consecutive visits as their skin acclimates.

Back waxing before and after



Back sugaring before and after


back sugaring hurst texas


histamine reactionHistamine reaction…typcially diminishes within an hour.





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