Alright yall, I took the plunge! I hopped on the Scentsy bandwagon. If you have been inside my studio or treatment room, you may notice I am obsessed with pleasurable aromas. Many of you have commented on how wonderful it smells. (If you hate it, PLEASE tell me). I typically have a warmer going with Scentsy wax melts. Sometimes I diffuse essential oils. At any rate, you can now pickup your Scentsy when you visit for your appointment. Trust me when I tell you, I will not be shoving this down your throat. This is mere convenience for you if you love Scentsy like I do. If you already know what you love, feel free to use this link if you do not already have a friend or family member you are purchasing from. If you would prefer not to purchase online, I will be glad to order whatever you need. ~ Jamie

Scentsy by the TxSugarMama