Rhonda Allison Treatment Cleansers

Skin cleansing is the first and most important step toward healthy skin.  Most people under-cleanse and over-moisturize, but for skin to look it’s best and accept powerful nutrients from your skin care products, it is a must and squeaky clean is the goal!

Rhonda Allison cleansers properly remove dirt, oil and makeup which is essential to skin health. Rhonda Allison’s cleansers are gentle, yet effective formulas that reduce acne, pigmentation, redness, inflammation and many infuse antioxidants into the skin.  There is a cleanser for every skin type and every season!

It is important to understand how to cleanse skin and to take time to ensure skin is free of surface residue and make-up.  Apply cleanser with dampened hands to face and neck and work into skin for several minutes. Remove cleanser with a wet, warm, soft, white cloth. Using a white cloth is helpful because it lets you see how clean your skin is. If nothing is on the cloth after several rinses, then you know your skin is clean and is ready to accept valuable nutrients.

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