Currently, as of March 2024, our facials and skin treatments range in cost from $75 to $1100. Obviously the more costly services are those that include packages or for our deep peels that require extra care and nearly a week of down time.

Here at Your Body’s ReTreat, our focus and goal is to provide quality skin treatments that pack a punch, that do not drain the resources of time and money of our clients. Expensive or lengthy facials is not synonymous with quality. We can deliver a heck of a skin treatment in 30 minutes for less than $100. We encourage our clients to consider a quality home care regime. Like our services, the same adage applies. LESS IS MORE. We keep it simple and within your budget. Quality skin treatments and skin care is for everyone, not just the elite.

Having trouble deciding on a facial? Don’t worry if you are unsure of what will be great for your skin. We will have a consultation with you to discuss what your goals are. Maybe you simply want to relax and extra massage would be heaven for you? Perhaps you have some pigmentation issues, where a skin brightening treatment would be the best. Many of our protocols can be crossed from one skin condition to another. We ensure that you will be happy with your results. For those receiving a skin peel, a facial cleanser and serum are given to you complimentary to use after your peel. If you are interested in quality skin care products for home care, you will receive $10 service dollars for every $75 spent on Skin Care. The service dollars can be used on facials or sugaring services.

In a nutshell, here are some facial and skin treatments available and the cost.

J. Rna Exclusive Facial ~ 45 Minutes ~ $99

  • Thoroughly cleanse your skin, exfoliate either mechanically or with enzymes.
  • Proper use of nutrient dense serums followed by a masque designed with your skin in mind.
  • Infusion of hydrating serums, moisturizer and spf.

J. Rna Exclusive Facial ~ 60 Minutes ~ $149

  • Our 45 minute facial with the addition of facial massage or facial lymph drainage or LED.

J. Rna Exclusive Facial ~ 75 Minutes ~ $199

  • Our 45 minute facial with the addition of massage therapy, LED, AND an upgraded infusion or lifting techniques with specialty devices. (This could be microcurrent, plasma infusion, electroporation, epifusion, or radio frequency.

Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel ~ 4 total visits. 6 hours of time ~ $1100

Elaine Brennan Get Glowing Micropeel ~ 45-75 minutes ~ $195 for one. Packages are available.