Whether you choose Your Body’s ReTreat or another professional for your waxing and body sugaringservices, here are pertinent details to look for when choosing the right one. Reading this and knowing the precautions will prevent you from getting hurt or traumatized and assist you in achieving superior results.

  • Make sure your technician is LICENSED to remove hair. A person who holds a license in cosmetology and/or is a licensed Esthetician can legally remove hair from the root. Removing hair is NOT in the scope of practice for massage therapists or nail technicians.
  • If you are seeking intricate hair removal such as a Brazilian, you will want your technician to have continuing education in the art of Brazilian waxing. Do not be afraid to ask where they received this special training and/or for how long they have been performing Brazilians. You are looking for experience. You want the person who performs this service more than 50% of the time, not someone for instance who does nails or massage 80% of the time and does waxing as an “add-on” type of service.
  • Expect to complete a small intake form about your skin and hair removal expectations. A professional will ALWAYS have you fill out a brief health intake form, because it is the law.
  • A professional hair removal technician will always wear gloves and will never DOUBLE DIP!
  • Be aware of your technician’s work area. Is the place sanitary and clean? Are there wooden sticks or spatulas sticking out of the wax pots? EWWW. Your professional will wash his/her hands and frequently sanitize as well.
  • There is not a “one-size fits all” wax. A skilled waxologist will use several different types of wax depending upon your skin type and coarseness of hair. There is soft wax and hard wax. Hard wax is typically used during bikinis and Brazilian waxing.
  • The quality of wax is important. There is a HUGE difference between the wax purchased at minimal cost at your local beauty store and the waxes that are sold only to professionals. Poor quality wax along with poor techniques, will cause the hair to break, rather than being removed from the root. This means your hair will grow back faster and most likely itch and become irritated. Waxing kits can be purchased for home use but a professional can help you achieve longer lasting results.
  • Expect a professional to prepare your skin and use after products. These steps are important. It will help minimize any discomfort. He or she will also educate you on the “do’s & don’ts” after your waxing procedure.
  • High priced services do not necessarily mean higher quality, perhaps they simply have more overhead (higher costs). However, you are not looking for a bargain Brazilian wax. Search reviews and get referals from friends.

The dangers of receiving hair removal from unlicensed, uneducated individuals include the risk of being burned, skin infections and having the labia or scrotum torn and in need of stitches. There is most definitely an art and science behind hair removal. When done correctly and professionally, you will have the softest, smoothest and more importantly, non-irritated skin.