What is skin purging?

Skin purging is the rapid rise of oils trapped beneath the skin’s surface as well as debris from deep within the skin. This is not visible to the naked eye. The acids in our peeling, induce skin cell sloughing (exfoliation) as well as cellular turn over. This forces new cells to the surface. With the new cells surfacing, trapped oil and debris beneath the skin’s surface, will surface as well. Skin purging ranges from clear bumps to more intense blackheads, pustules and comedomes. The skin purging process and noticing an increased breakout after receiving a chemical peeling, is completely normal and should be anticipated. As a client, you should be prewarned that this is very likely to occur, during your skin consultation with the skin care professional. It is the natural process for the skin to rid itself of impurities as quickly as it can. Think of skin purging as a temporary “phase” that ultimately leads to improved skin health and results. Chemical peels are part of a deeper skin exfoliation process and require time to see results. The skin may have appeared clear and been acne free prior to the peeling, but the new layers of skin that were exposed by the peel, may contain acne-causing bacteria that was not previously exposed. Chemical peels are part of a skin rejuvenating process and require patience to truly see results. Skin purging is actually quite common and can even happen when a new product is introduced into a daily skincare regimen. Purging is the first sign that a product will benefit the skin long-term. Rather than being a reaction to a product, purging is an indication that the product is speeding up that process of skin cell turnover. Continuing use of a product when purging occurs, increases the frequency of the skin cell turnover cycle, and helps improve the texture of the skin in the long-term.

How long does purging last?

Skin purging can start as soon as just a couple of days after the peeling application.

The duration of skin purging will vary from person to person. Those who are already susceptible to breakouts are more prone to experiencing purging. Additionally, if you are currently “detoxing” internally by changing your diet or lifestyle, you promote that skin purging process. Purging generally lasts up to 2 weeks depending on the rate of cellular turn over, but it can last 4-6 weeks before the skin responds to the ingredients. Purging will generally show in the areas where common breakouts occur. Breakouts can be caused by the use of incorrect use of products, incorrectly prescribed products and not maintaining good hygiene, post peel. Ensure that you are following your post peeling directions and are using a comprehensive acne regiment at home. This is very important as a consistent skincare regiment formulated for skin’s suffering from acne, is vital to regulate skin purging.
Will a series of peels help mitigate skin purging?

Yes. A series of peels will regulate the skin and the purging process. Remember that every person, every skin type, and every skin concern is different. This is why there’s no guarantee that each subsequent peel won’t induce some sort of purging. However, consistency with professional peels can help improve skin health and clarity and should ultimately lessen, or completely eliminate, the purging process. The GetGlowing Micro-Peel should be performed in a series of 6 peelings to achieve the desired results. Peels can be performed every 2-6 weeks depending on the skin type, skin condition you are treating and the sensitivity of the skin. Extractions can be performed prior to the application of the peeling. The skin should be disinfected with high frequency post extracting, and the peeling then applied.

What can I do to as your client?

  • The client should not touch, pick, or scratch at their skin. Peels are a “controlled injury or trauma” and the skin is healing from those effects. Inflicting more injury by picking at what has surfaced, is going to delay the healing process and introduce infection. Leave the extractions up to the professional. The result will be a tighter, smoother more healthy-looking skin.
  • The client must follow a professional skincare regiment formulated for their skin type.
  • The client should not over exfoliate or use harsh products which may result in extreme irritation and redness.
  • Whilst your client may want to speed up the purging process in order to improve the skin faster, the average skin cell turnover rate is about a month. It is worth the wait and patience is part of the process.
  • The client should stay hydrated. A suitable moisturizer tailored to your client’s skin type, can help with tolerating the purging process. Overcompensating with rich emollients should be avoided.
  • Cleansing is important. Skin must be washed every morning and evening to remove pollutants, makeup and skincare residue which may clog pores. Choose a mild cleanser.
  • The client should protect their skin from UV light with sunscreen, by wearing a hat and sunglasses and keeping out of the sun whenever possible.
  • Regular extractions followed by disinfection should be scheduled at the clinic and performed under clean and sterile conditions.

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