NEW! Sugaring Skillset Certification


  • Have you completed online virtual training and wish for a little hands on guidance?
  • Did you learn sugaring on-the-job on leave with zero certification?

I have an answer for you!

Set up a skillset review with me at my location in Hurst, Texas or Online. If I feel confident you are qualified and need no additional hands on experience, you will receive a Sugaring Source certification. ~ $149

If you’ve taken an online course (or in person with another educator) and would like some hands on critique, guidance, and reinforcement, you may schedule time with me and a model (provided by me or you). You will receive a Sugaring Source certification. ~ $299

Reach out to me today, Jamie Renee 817-680-1462 or [email protected]

Pre-requisites: Proof of online certification or in person certification, or proof of current/prior employment. Must demonstrate the basics foundation of sugaring and it’s principles. The certification I am giving is a reinforcement of what you already should know. This includes…

  • Pulling Sugaring paste from a tub
  • Controlling sugaring paste
  • Comfortable mold & flick
  • Knowledge of benefits of sugaring

If you do not feel confident you have these basic skills, I highly recommend investing in a full 2 day sugaring course.