An Esthetician’s Guide: Created for new and/or aspiring Estheticians, and Cosmetologists branching into skin care.

As I’ve been an educator and speaker, I find many students, Estheticians, Cosmetologists, and clients wanting to know more about skincare. Many want to know more about becoming an Esthetician. Cosmetologists wish to know how to bridge the gap between a hair & makeup career into skincare. Is an Esthetics career right for you? Many of the sites are valuable resources. There is no need for me to reiterate and create my own full-fledged resource. This is an ever-changing guide I will edit, re-edit, and correct over time. I look forward to adding more from seasoned Esthetician’s. Please email Jamie at [email protected] to add to this guide.

Since I’m from Texas, the first thing listed is the state’s licensing website. You will first want to access your state’s licensing website to know the rules and regulations. If you visit the ASCP website, they have a directory with all the different state licensing requirements. I’ve listed it below.

Texas State Licensing Department

All other States via the ASCP website


Associations & Memberships

Associated Skin Care Professionals: Liability Insurance and Membership: This site has a wealth of information. Start here. ASCP is always a go-to. They have a skincare glossary, list of approved schools, blog articles, educational opportunities, and a free student network. I highly recommend obtaining insurance once you are working as an Esthetician.

Bridge Schools

The Facial School is located in Flower Mound, Texas and was founded by Sandy Nelles, an Esthetician of 14 years.



Industry Trade Shows

The International Congress of Esthetics and Spa


The International Esthetics, Cosmetics, Spa Conference



Fearless Beauties: Treating Skin of Color with Confidence

Fearless Beauties: Student Workbook

The Estheticians Guide to Outstanding Esthetics: Shelley Hancock and contributing authors

The Estheticians Guide to Outstanding Esthetics Vol II:

The Skin Care Answer Book: Mark Lees


Online Scheduling. Try Schedulicity. Save $20 off your first 3 months.


Facebook Groups to Join:

The Secrets of Estheticians:




Esthetician Buy & Sell Group:

Esthetician Education Connection:

Esthetics Consignment:

Esthetician Buy Nothing:


Facebook Pages to Follow or Like:




YouTube Pages to follow


Instagram accounts to follow: (Please be advised, a large following does not necessarily mean that the person knows a lot about skin, they may simply be excellent at marketing or pay for marketing firm):


Skincare Brands *There will always be new and innovative brands as ingredients, formulations, and technology evolve. This is a compiled list of the top brands TODAY that have been established for several years. These brands will have excellent educational opportunities.




Skin Scripts



Rhonda Allison

Farmhouse Fresh

Hale and Hush


Sorella Apothecary




Face Reality


Opportunities as an Ethetician:

Sales Rep, Trainer, Instructor, Formulator, Blogger/Vlogger


Advice from Esthetician’s that have been in the field:

“Subscribe to Renee -Rouleau emails, go to your local Esthetics show. Enroll in as many free classes as possible!” ~ Sandy Nelles


“One thing I wish I would have been told sooner and focused more is how to take care of yourself in this industry… physically, mentally…” ~ Carole Smith