Curls, diameters and lengths.  What does it all mean?Lash Artists use a variety of shapes, sizes, and diameters, (curls, lengths and thickness), to achieve different looks. This will enhance one’s natural beauty or create a dramatic look.

Both the length and diameter add to the weight of the lash extension and therefore can put unnecessary stress on your Natural Lash.


Just like the hair on your head, the diameter, aka thickness, of your natural lash hair and the lash extensions will vary.  The diameters available range (in millimeters) from .03, .05, .07, .10, .12, .15, .18, and .20.  The lower the number, the thinner the lash extension, and therefore the lighter.  The higher the diameter, the heavier the lash extension.  Not everyone has Natural lash hairs that can accommodate a heavy lash, so the Lash Artist will use a smaller diameter, most commonly for Classic Lash Style, a .15 diameter will be used.  If you have naturally thick lashes, you might be able to have 0.18 or 0.20 diameter lash extensions applied, which would lend to a darker, more dramatic look.  If a thicker lash is used, keep in mind that the length may have to shorten due to increased weight and strain on your Natural Lash.


The Curl of the Lash Extension varies, depending on the particular look the client likes or the best look that will accentuate their natural eye shape and lid structure.  Some curls of lashes are reserved for specific eye shapes.  The L curl for example, starts off flat at the base, then curves sharply upwards.  This curl is best for Asian eye shapes due to the monolid eyelid shape, and the fact that a sharp curl backwards, as seen on CC and D Curls, would poke the clients eyelid and be very uncomfortable.   Curls vary from B, C, CC, D, L, LC, M, J, and U curls.  The most common are the C, CC, and D curls.  Most clients may choose which curl they like the most, although you should also consider your Lash Artists recommendations for which curl would compliment your eye shape best.


Just like curls and diameters, the length of the Lash Extension will vary too.  Ranging from 6mm all the way to 20mm.  Most common lengths are 8-15mm, with most styles of lashes using 10-13mm as the bulk of the style.

Inner corners will almost always get lengths as short as 7-9mm, and the outer corners getting 9-11mm depending on the look desired.  I personally use a varied length throughout the eye when applying Classic Lashes.  This is to achieve a more natural, and fuller look.

The longer and thicker the lash extension, the heavier it is, which can lead to damaged natural lashes and premature fallout.  Using the appropriate diameter and length will ensure a beautiful look while maintaining healthy lashes.