What’s your Style?

Depending on your preference, your personal style, your eye shape, and the overall health of your natural lashes, your Lash Style is just as unique as you are.  While lash extension styles fall in the Classic, Hybrid, Volume and Mega Volume category, each set will be customized to your eyes specifically and you have options.

Classic vs Hybrid vs Volume Lashes vs Mega Volume:

Classic Lash Sets

Classic Lashes is a style of lashes that consists of one eyelash extension applied to one natural lash.  Also called 1:1 application.  This is the most affordable and most natural looking eyelash style.  If you are on a budget but like the wake-up beautiful look that eyelash extensions provide, this lash style is for you.  The lash lengths can vary between

Volume Lash Sets

Volume Lashes is a style of lash application that consists of two or more eyelash extensions shaped into a fan, and applied to one natural lash.  Because the weight of the extensions ALWAYS matter, the Lash Artist will use lashes of a lighter weight (thinner diameter) specifically designed for making volume fans. The higher the number of lashes used to make one fan, the thinner the diameter used.  Volume lash fans are made using .05-.10 diameter lash extensions.  Volume Lash style gives a more dramatic and fuller look.

Hybrid Lash Sets

Hybrid Lash style is a mix of Classic and Volume Lash styles, using a mix of volume fans and single lash extensions to achieve a semi-dramatic look.

Mega Volume Lash Sets

Mega Volume Lash style is the same as Volume, except that the lashed used for fans are .03 diameter, the thinnest and lightest extensions available.  This allows several extensions to be used to make fans.  It also provides a dramatic yet fluffy look.