Body Sugaring vs. Waxing ~ An Esthetician’s objective view between two hair removal methods: Part 1

Lately I’ve been asked, “If Body Sugaring yields superior results over waxing, why is it so difficult to find an Esthetician who performs body sugaring?” “Why isn’t Body Sugaring more popular?”

When you ask a waxing expert about sugaring, they may say it is a “fad”. If you ask a body sugaring specialist about waxing, they will give you a long list of why waxing is ever so bad and sugaring is the greatest.

I have an objective view of both waxing and body sugaring hair removal, as I perform both at Your Body’s ReTreat located in Bedford, Texas

Key points in comparison:

Part 1 ~ Learning Curve & Consistency

Part 2 ~ Timing & Economic Standpoint

Part 3 ~ Education and Marketing

Learning curve There is a learning curve to body sugaring

To watch a Body sugaring professional perform a hair removal treatment, it looks like they are doing so effortlessly. They make it look quite simple and easy. However, there is a learning curve. It takes about six months to gain full confidence with body sugaring. It personally took me nine months to reach 100% full confidence in the area of male and female Brazilian sugaring. One reason there is a learning curve is that the application of sugar paste is opposite the application of wax. Application of sugar is literally with the hand as opposed to wax, which is done with a wooden spatula.


Sugar paste can be unpredictable at times, depending on weather conditions, body temperatures and air temperature inside the treatment room. Therefore there are different consistencies of sugar paste for different climates and the particular body part a practitioner may be working with. A softer paste allows you to work larger areas such as full legs or the back and in cooler climates such as the northeast. A firm, dry sugar paste is optimal for bikini and Brazilian body sugaring as this area may sweat and be warmer. A firm sugar paste is also desired in a warmer more humid climate such as in the south or the Caribbean. With this being said, during the winter here in Texas, I need a firm dry paste as the heated room will break my sugar down quicker. To add to the volatile nature of sugar paste, there may be times when a new order of sugar paste is not consistent with the last batch. Each body sugaring practitioner will find what works best for them over time. This issue tends to diminish with experience.

*Why not wax instead? Body sugaring is a niche in most areas therefore the demand is higher. Brazilian sugaring is much safer than Brazilian waxing, as it only adheres to the hair and not the live layer of skin. The risk of skin tears or lacerations is considerably reduced. The client will be much less irritated and will notice a reduction of ingrown hairs as opposed to waxing.

Part 2: Timing and Economic Standpoint of Waxing and Sugaring Hair Removal