Body Sugaring vs. Waxing ~ An Esthetician’s objective view between two hair removal methods: Part 2

Typically, there is a subjective view between Licensed Estheticians who wax and those who sugar to remove hair. I perform both at Your Body’s ReTreat located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. I have an objective view between the two hair removal methods.

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Economical standpoint

Sugar paste will range from $20-39.00 for a 32-35 oz tub, plus shipping. If sugar paste is shipped from Canada, it will take longer to arrive if you live in the states, especially the southern states, and will cost almost twice as much.

*Why not wax instead? A sugaring practitioner will use the same ball of sugar paste for most, if not all of the area they are removing hair from. They will not use tongue depressors or waxing strips either. Depending on hair density, a tub of sugar paste will yield six times the amount of Brazilian hair removal services than with a can of wax. Although sugaring may be more time consuming, it truly is more cost effective. Revenue from a can of wax should average $350-500 per can. Revenue from a tub of sugar could be $1000+. *Edit 9/11/18 In addition to these points, I now want to add that sugaring is STILL a niche. Economically, if you are still waxing in an area full of waxers, you have the burden of being super competitive. Your prices must be comparable to others or you find yourself running more daily deals and offering luring promotions to stay afloat. However, if you acquire a niche such as sugaring, you will find you are always busy. That in itself is an economical advantage!

wax vs sugar: money time qualityTiming

The biggest downside to body sugaring especially for beginners, is timing. Body Sugaring requires more time than wax. Sometimes you will mold sugar two to three times before removing all hair in some areas. Practitioners realize that time is money and must give up more of their time to perform quality body sugaring. This is also the reason why sugaring services cost a bit more than waxing services. *Edit* Six years later 9/11/2018 … Now that I’ve been sugaring for 9 years instead of 2, I can tell you that sugaring does not take me any longer than wax. I can complete Brazilians in under 17 minutes without compromising the quality of the job. AND it STILL hurts less! The fact is, the longer you sugar, the better your timing becomes. You will never find yourself stopping to get a new stick of wax and fiddle with strips. It is simply flick after flick and bam, the job is done!

*Why not wax instead? Waxing professionals cannot go over an area with wax more than once in the Brazilian area. There is a risk of lifting skin when doing so. You can go over an area multiple times with sugar without risking irritation, skin lifting or tears. This results in a super clean, hair free, super smooth Brazilian.

The truth is, the economic standpoint between waxing and sugaring will vary depending upon the licensed professional performing the hair removal. One may use more product than another, while one may be quicker. At the end of the day the key thing to remember is that it is about our clients experience. If they have a bad experience, neither hair removal method will be economical as we will have lost them.

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