Body Sugaring vs. Waxing ~ An Esthetician’s objective view between two hair removal methods: Part 3

Waxing and sugaring are two hair removal methods that tend to bring a bit of subjectivity when discussing which is better between the two. Some waxing guru’s balk at the advanced method of sugaring, probably due to the learning curve. Sugaring professionals shake their heads at waxing because of the belief sugaring is superior. Both methods, wax and sugar, are effective at removing unwanted hair. Whether either hair removal method is better than the other ultimately depends on the practitioner and how the client’s skin reacts to the method chosen.

I have an objective view on both waxing and sugaring as I practice both hair removal methods at Your Body’s ReTreat in Bedford, Texas.

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Education & Marketing

Many Estheticians have not heard of body sugaring. Advanced professional body sugaring is not a part of most cosmetology or esthetic curriculum. It can be difficult to find body sugaring classes and educators conveniently located without having to travel. This unfortunately holds true for continued waxing education as well, specifically in the area of Brazilian waxing.

“I believe we need to train and certify students in the area of Body Sugaring while they are still in beauty school. ‘Knowledge not shared is knowledge wasted.’” says Tamara Anderson of Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring, Carson City, Nevada.

sugar vs wax ~ education is key

Most likely, there are more licensed Estheticians and spas providing quality services such as Brazilian waxing and body sugaring, however, they are not marketing themselves correctly, therefore, they are not being found. Beauty schools preparing students in the field of cosmetology and esthetics fail in the area of marketing one-self and/or business.

In summation:

Sugar vs. Wax ~ Pros and Cons

Body Waxing Pros:

*Quicker and less time consuming than sugar

*Wax is predictable, it acts and performs the same way each service, every day

*Cost of wax is low

*Basic training is found in most Esthetic’s curriculum

Body Waxing Cons:

*Your client may feel more discomfort. This is typically because the technician is removing large areas or panels of hair at a time.

*There tends to be higher liability with wax as it is hot, adding to the risk of burning and wax is known to over exfoliate.

*Yields less than superior results than sugar, you may be able to do a full leg wax in less than 30 minutes, but how is the quality? How will the client’s skin react over the next few weeks?

*Yields less revenue per can of wax than per tub of sugar.

*A professional will need more products to properly perform a waxing service such as table paper, wax remover, strips and wax applicators.

*Wax can be messier. Cleaning wax residue off the client, equipment and implements can be a nuisance. Wax can easily ruin sheets or clothing.

Body Sugaring Cons:

*Application can be more time consuming than wax because a sugaring technician removes less hair at a time than wax.

*Sugar paste can be often times unpredictable.

*May take a few months to fully feel confident working with sugar paste do to the learning curve.

*Not part of the basic curriculum in Esthetic training therefore you must obtain a certification through continued education.

Body Sugaring Pros:

*The client will feel less discomfort than wax, the sting dissipates rather quickly.

*Yield much more revenue than a can of wax.

*Need less and use fewer supplies when performing sugaring than waxing.

*Cleanup from a body sugaring service is exceptional. Sugar residue, if any, is removed with a warm moist towel. There is no residue to be removed with oils. If sugar accidentally gets anywhere it shouldn’t, it is easily removed or cleaned with water.

*Lower liability with sugaring as the sugar paste is never hot and only adheres to dead skin and hair.

*Yields superior results because the method is more specific to the direction of growth.

Both hair removal methods, waxing and sugaring, have advantages and disadvantages. I believe it is important to be open to learning new techniques. Obtain a niche, an area of expertise and something you really love. Hone in on that skill, be the best at it in your area and don’t forget to market yourself effectively.