Why do men get waxed? Why do men get Brazilian waxes or any other form of manscaping?

Here at Your Body’s ReTreat, located in the Mid-Cities, we perform male waxing, manscaping and male Brazilians. People are usually a gasp when I mention that more than half of my hair removal clientele are men. Brazilians are no longer gender specific and more men are seeking professional hair removal services.

There still seems to be a stigma behind men getting waxed and eyebrows are sure to raise if men are receiving a Brazilian (Boyzilian, Manzilian and Mankini are also terms). I have educated a few of my clients, friends and family members on the reasoning behind male body grooming requests. I hope this article will lessen the stereotypes and make it much easier for guys to make the decision to receive male body grooming services.

Manscaping for Hygiene:

Body hair can be uncomfortable. Body hair will hold heat and hold odor. Manscaping or male waxing will remove the hair making the body feeling cleaner or easier to clean. This of course leads to feeling less self-conscious and more confident.

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Manscaping for Fitness:

Many of my clients are sports enthusiasts. I have waxed and manscaped soccer players, cyclists, runners, swimmers and body builders. Some of the fitness clothing such as tight cycle shorts will break hair and cause ingrowns, therefore these individuals would rather remove it by the root. Hair can create a drag and if you are competing, seconds count.

Manscaping for looks or for a companion:

A little vanity doesn’t hurt, although I hear this reasoning the least. Some fellas decide to get waxed or manscaping because they are leveling the playing field so to speak. Their partners do it, so they feel they should as well. Men like the way a nice groomed body looks. There is the notorious “optical inch” too (the saying goes “If you wax an inch you gain an inch”). Romantically speaking, less hair creates more sensitivity.

Shaving is actually more of a pain!

Male waxing is better than shaving! Shaving is monotonous and you have to do it at least every other day for the soft clean feel. Shaving can cause irritation including ingrown hairs and painful razor burn. Manscaping provides weeks of clean, soft, hair-free skin. When performed correctly, male waxing will refine the hair making it less dense over time providing a reduction in growth.

As far as the discomfort is concerned, it is not as bad as movies portray it or as bad as you have it imagined. The bottom line is that male waxing or manscaping is more of a “feel thing” and less of a “look thing”. Men choose male body grooming because shaving is annoying and a skin irritant, for better hygiene, to perform better in sports and lastly as a benefit to their partner and themselves.

If you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area and would like to try manscaping, feel free to give Your Body’s ReTreat a call and we will be happy to give you a complimentary demonstration of professional hair removal for men.