Q. Can I Bring My Best Friend, Partner, Wife or Husband to My Sugaring Appointment?

A. Yes, as long as they are of age. I understand the need for moral support. I also understand the curiosity of how this whole sugaring thing works. I have had some pretty funny times with my married couples and the BFF’s that book their services together. I even offer packages for couples and BFF’s.

Just know that my space is professional and I have boundaries. If your partner, wife or husband want to watch simply for kink or a fantasy, I’ll ask them to leave the studio and wait in the car while I complete the service. Do not attempt to pull any funny business and make a completely legitimate service into something sexual. I’m not a prude, I am a professional. I have clients from many walks of life including exotic dancers, those in adult entertainment, and “lifestyler” clients on my treatment table. They ALL know how to respect my professional boundaries and not rope me into any fantasy world. This IS hair removal after all. I get it. I do not judge nor discriminate. Let’s just keep it professional.

Q. Can I bring my children to my sugaring appointment?

A. Yes, IF they are able to be super quiet. There are massage therapists located in the same building and one next door to me. The walls are not super thin but we can still hear each other from time to time.