Q. Do I need to trim my hair first before my sugaring appointment?
No. It is not necessary. I understand many waxing professionals do not trim any hair. I have professional grade clippers and trimmers and will trim any hair too long to sugar. I understand that some services, such as back sugaring, would be quite the challenge for a client to trim by themselves. I also understand that some clients may be heavier and it may be cumbersome to contort ones body in the necessary positions to trim hair to an adequate length.

Q. Do I shave first prior to my sugaring appointment?
A. No. Please do not shave. If you shave your hair, I will not have any hair to wax off.

Q. Soooo, how LONG does my hair need to be in order to sugar?
A. Your hair needs to be 1/8th of an inch. Think a grain of rice. If you have been shaving, please allow at least 7 days before sugaring. 10-14 days is much more optimal. If your hair is super short, it will be a bit more time consuming as the sugar paste will not have as much hair shaft to envelop.