Going on vacation? Awesome! So, When should you get sugared prior to that vacation? I suggest one week to two days prior to your vacation. Two weeks prior is too much time before. You are likely to see some hair growth 10-14 days after hair removal. That hair was in the last stage of growth (there are 3 stages) when you were first waxed/sugared. It will not be very much at all so it really depends on how smooth you want to be in the duration of your vacation. Also, you do not want to be in the sun, chlorine or salt water the first 24-36 hours after hair removal, so please don’t schedule the day before or day of your flight. If you’ve never been sugared, perhaps you should schedule your first appointment 6-7 weeks prior and a second consecutive appointment one week to a few days before the vacation. This way, you are able to over come any anxieties for your first time and ensure you will be super smooth for the duration of your vacation. Sugaring is very efficient. You will not go wrong however you choose to schedule the first appointment prior to your vacation.

The biggest issue with hair removal for a special occasion or vacation will be the slight possibility of little red bumps or Folliculitis. This primarily happens on the chest and back. If you are a man receiving a back or chest sugaring prior to a vacation, I do recommend scheduling a pre-vacation appointment to ensure you do not have this issue for your vacation or special occasion.

If you have any further questions regarding this concern, feel free to call me.