A totally normal question and very frequently asked:

Q. “What if I get an erection while I am being waxed or sugared?”

A. It happens and you should not be embarrassed. Most men are concerned this will happen to them. After the first couple times I pull hair out by the root, they realize this is not going to be an enjoyable service. The sugaring technique is a manual technique and it does require manipulation of your genitals. It is professional. There is nothing sexual about the experience and will feel more clinical. I will not make a big deal about it and will not acknowledge it. However, it is not a pass to allow arousal. I know when clients are being genuine and when they are intentionally trying to get and stay erect.

Now that the elephant trunk in the room has been addressed, let us discuss a list of questions and behaviors that should be avoided during your men’s waxing or men’s sugaring service.

My hopes are that I have answered any possible questions in the FAQ’s for Men’s Sugaring. If I have not, by all means, call, email or text me. I will add it to the list. Some of this information has been compiled from my esteemed colleagues in the waxing and sugaring industry. Perhaps SOME of these questions are not necessarily inappropriate as much as they are silly, but I will answer them at any rate.

Q. Can I text you questions about men’s waxing?
A. Yes. I accept text messages for general questions regarding services and appointments. I can tell very quickly if a man is serious or if they are bored and simply playing games. Please understand that though we are in the “cell phone” era and texting is now the norm, I am not the only one who has access to my work phone. Please keep this in mind when texting your inquiries.

Q. Will you apply any lotion or serum to my genitals after you sugar it?
A. No, I will not. I will give you a warm moist towel to remove any sugar residue. I will point out the serums you can use and leave the room.

Q. Will waxing or sugaring make my penis look larger?
A. Some think it gives the “optical inch”. However, shaving or trimming with clippers at home would be a more affordable way to find out. If you insist on receiving a Brazilian with hopes of looking “larger”, I will certainly provide the service. If you don’t “look” larger afterwards, you do not get a refund.

Q. I don’t think my hair is long enough. I think the hair is too short. Can I send you a picture for you to tell me if it is?
A. Please DO NOT. If you send me a picture of your genitals I will see it as harassment and report it to the Hurst police department. Remember, few people have access to my phone including minors who do clerical work for me sometimes. I shouldn’t have to say this anyway. The point is, you know if your hair is too short. The only reason any man would want to send a picture of their genitals is for foul play. I’m not dumb. So just don’t. The rule of thumbs is a grain of rice. If you have shaven in the last seven days, wait at least 10 days before scheduling.

Q. Do you offer a release after you wax or sugar me?
A. No.

Waxing and sugaring is a PROFESSIONAL service. It wouldn’t be such a challenge to find Estheticians willing to service waxing and sugaring to men, if the lot of men would act accordingly. The truth is, most men are wonderful clients. I acknowledge and counsel fellow hair removal professionals that these unfortunate experiences are a “once in a blue moon” encounters. I don’t allow one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Here is a list of inappropriate behaviors you should NEVER do.

  • Do not ask for a happy ending.
  • Do not wear a ring around your penis to maintain an erection.
  • Remove any genital jewelry that will impede your hair removal service. Your Esthetician should not need to manipulate jewelry out of her way.
  • Do not bring lubrication to your appointment.
  • Do not play with, tug on, or stroke your penis. If your Esthetician needs assistance with making your skin taught, she will ask you. If you decide to do this in my treatment room, it will be the conclusion of the service and I will leave the room.
  • Do not address your waxing or sugaring professional with pet names such as “baby”, “sweetie”, “sweetheart”, “beautiful”, “princess”… etc etc. You get the idea. Use our name please.
  • Do not inquire of our relationship status or ask us on a date.
  • Please do not ogle our breasts while we remove your hair. Trust me gentlemen, we can feel your eyes. It’s weird.
  • You know if you are highly sensitive to touch. If you’ve had experiences with prematurely ejaculating while being waxed or sugared, perhaps you ought to take care of that prior to your appointment. This experience will make a professional waxer or sugarist remove Men’s Brazilian services off her menu for good.

Look, it is SO EASY and SO SIMPLE! Be RESPECTFUL. Please regard men’s waxing and men’s sugaring as a professional service and DO NOT sexualize it.

It is very rare to find a GREAT professional waxer or sugarist SKILLED at male Brazilians. Once you find such a diamond, it is in your best interest to take precaution and be respectful. Otherwise you risk being fired as a client or reported to authorities.

*All services at Your Body’s ReTreat are rendered professionally. No service should ever be confused with anything sexual or sensual. I thank you for respecting my professional boundaries.*