Q. What Makes Your Sugaring Class “Advanced”?

A. When compared to most class offerings, you will find that most are a 1 Day, 6-8 hour class. You learn how to remove sugaring paste from a jar and the basic mold + flick technique. You practice with the other attendees. That’s it. The same educator probably has a second class called “Advanced”. What makes my class unique is that the models are provided for you. Most often times they are my clients. I schedule one model for every 2 students. 3 models on day 1 and 6 models on day 2. My class includes the opportunity to do back and chest sugaring. If you already know how to sugar and are uber confident with your technique, then I recommend attending the Brazilian Bootcamp Course.

This is not a “overview” or introduction to sugaring. This class is intense. We spend approximately 2.5 hours in theory covering:

  • History of Sugaring
  • Benefits of Sugaring
  • Contraindications of Sugaring
  • Hair Root System
  • The role of Skin in Sugaring
  • Ingrown Hairs
  • Consistencies of Sugaring Paste
  • How to get Unstuck and Why we get stuck
  • How to adjust your sugaring paste
  • Client consultations and expectations
  • Safety and Sanitation practices
  • Business and Marketing
  • Sugaring for Legs, Backs, Arms
  • Sugaring for Bikini, Underarms, Faces (chin, lip, cheek, *brows will be demoed)

This sugaring class is reinforced with exclusive video content and the acceptance into our post graduate support group. All students have the opportunity to audit future classes. Students are also awarded the opportunity to apprentice for Your Body’s ReTreat to gain the needed confidence to sugar proficiently and efficiently. I do not throw my students out into the wild and wipe my hands of them. I am always here for you.