Q. Where is Your Body’s ReTreat Located Exactly?

A. Addresses on Bedford Euless Rd. are tricky. I don’t know what is up with the maps services and GPS, but many people still have a challenging time finding our location. Here are a few tips to help you find us. Including some pictures. We are at 204 W Bedford Euless Rd. Hurst, Texas 76053 Suite 101. 204 is the door on the LEFT. 200 is the door on the RIGHT. Then you have the “Horror Freak” shop on the right side of the building with yet ANOTHER massage establishment up stairs on TOP of “Horror Freak”. Your Body’s ReTreat logo is on a window of our studio. Go inside the door with 204 above the door. Your Body’s ReTreat suite, 101, is immediately on the LEFT. Think LEFT FRONT CORNER of entire building. We are between Hurstview and Norwood. Drive North down Harrison and you will find yourself at 183 right at the Norwood/183 red light. If you drive SOUTH on Harrison you will find yourself at Pipeline Rd.

Here is another tip. We are on the corner of Harrison and Bedford Euless Rd. Do you know where Miguelitos Mexican restaurant is? Look across the street to the building setting further back and a parking lot. Front left corner, that’s us!