Why Is Hydration So Important for Waxing and Sugaring Treatments?

Q. Why do Estheticians tell me to drink plenty of water before my waxing or sugaring appointment?

A. When your skin is dehydrated, it is tighter and will hold on to the root of the hair creating a “tug-o-war” with me and my sugar paste. One of two things happens.

  • 1. The hair breaks off, leaving you with a higher possibility of ingrown hair. You just spent $55-100 on a service only to feel like you shaved. I feel bad, but I still have to charge you.
  • 2. I win the tug o war match but it HURTS you more. It really really hurts. I speak from experience!

Q. But I DO DRINK PLENTY of WATER! Why am I still dehydrated???

A. The real truth IS; Drinking lots of water to hydrate your skin is really a myth. When you drink water, it doesn’t go straight to your skin. Water goes through the intestines, gets absorbed into your bloodstream, is filtered by kidneys, then hydrates cells (I believe it makes the hair follicles supple and relaxed)- leaving little left to moisturize skin. All of your bodily organs operate optimally and this shows in your skin. To read more about this myth, click here.

Keeping your body hydrated is important. Many things contribute to dehydrated skin. Here is a list.

  • Caffeine and Alcohol ~ try to avoid these beverages at least two consecutive days prior to your sugaring appointment. If you cannot, you’ll need to really tank up on water. You need 32 oz of water for every 8 oz cup of coffee you drink just to replenish the water loss. These beverages are diuretics. This is my personal worse. When I’m drinking coffee, I forget to drink water. Sugaring really hurts when I’ve been coffeeing it up all week with no additional water.
  • Hot showers and heaters during the winter ~ during the winter, our skin is suffocating in our delightful hot showers and lack of humidity. The dryer your skin, the more uncomfortable a waxing or sugaring appointment will be. Some extra EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids), coconut oil in your smoothie, fish oils etc. can add some necessary healthy fats/oils to your dry skin.
  • Flu, Cold, Allergy & Sinus Season ~ all of those antibiotics, cold & allergy medicines will wreak havoc on your skin. Decongestants do a phenomenal job drying up our congestion and also our skin. This is just another reason to RESCHEDULE your sugaring appointment with me until you are completely recovered and off of these medicines for at least 10 days.
  • UTI’s ~ See above. And also… ladies, if you’ve recently recovered from a Urinary Tract Infection including a yeast infection, wait three weeks before your sugaring appointment. Even though you have been off of medications for a week, your skin is still recovering from them. You’ll still be a little red and your skin will be dry. Please please please, do not visit me when you are currently going through a yeast infection. I promise you, your service WILL NOT be perfect. You will leave with hair because I will not sugar where you are obviously affected nor will I work around medications oozing from your vagina. Yes, I know… most of you are shocked that I even have to say this.
  • Chlorine ~ Hot tubs and swimming pools. It is best to refrain from these activities at least one week prior to your sugaring appointment.
  • Soaps and Harsh Body Washes ~ These are super alkaline and will strip our skin of natural oils. It is best to use more Ph balanced cleansers for our body.

So yes, we Estheticians want you to be as compliant as possible. This does not mean “just drink water”. It also implies to be mindful of all the aforementioned factors. Use a water or aloe based moisturizer. Remember to exfoliate weekly. Your moisturizers do not help your skin when they sit on top of dead skin. You will need to exfoliate prior to using moisturizers. Humidifiers will help keep moisture in your home during the winter months or if you live in dryer climates. A diet rich in Essential Fatty Acids can help skin cells stay hydrated as well.