Why is the Sugaring Class so Expensive Compared to Other Classes?

I agree, my sugaring class does cost a little more than some sugaring courses available. When you do your comparison, please make sure you compare apples to oranges. When you are deciding which sugaring certification to invest in, here are some vital points to consider.

  • How many days and hours is the class? One day? Only 6 hours? Divide the sugaring course cost by the amount of hours you will be learning.
  • How many students does it take to make a class? How many students will you be learning with?
  • How many models will you be afforded to work on? How many sets of legs? How many bikinis? Backs? Underarms? Faces?
  • How much time is spent on theory vs. how much time is spent HANDS ON?
  • Will you spend extra on a kit?

Can I get away with a 1 Day Sugaring class? Is a 2 Day Sugaring Course really necessary?

Some less expensive classes are for a “beginner’s class” or a 1 day foundation class. The same providers/educators offer a second “advanced” class or an additional day. I wholeheartedly believe a 2 day sugaring certification course is the absolute best for learning properly. My students come to class on the second day and ask questions about the techniques we learned the day before. The second day reinforces all we learn on day 1 in addition to advanced body mechanics, client body positioning and tips on improving your timing. The second day also boosts your confidence as you can clearly see how much you’ve improved in a mere 24 hours. I’ve never had a student who wished they had only gone one day or didn’t think the second day was valuable. There is SO MUCH information about the science of sugaring to cram in 8 hours or less. If you take a One-day class, you will be short changed. Keep in mind, some sugaring manufacturers may not sell you their products if you’ve had less than 16 hours of formal training.

My class, minus the kit ($485), comes out to approximately $30 an hour. If an educator is charging $300 for six hours, you are paying $50 an hour, which is actually a more expensive training.

My sugaring class has a limit of two students only and will not be cancelled if you are the only student who registers. This allows for serious hands on and my undivided attention. I am sugaring along side you. Some classes may require a minimum of 4 to 6 students before the class makes, otherwise it is rescheduled.

Also, in the smaller, 2 student class, the models we work on are my actual clients. In larger class sizes, we spend more time working on each other than on outside models. Both settings are conducive to learning. When my clients are models, they are able to give you valuable feedback in comparison to what it feels like when I sugar them. I schedule models of different body sizes, ethnicity and hair grades. The quality of an in person (vs. learning online) sugaring course comes from adequate hands on. Otherwise, you might as well take the online course. Online is great for theory. Sugaring professionals learn best with hands on application, critique and in person encouragement. We spend 90 minutes to 2 hours on theory and the remaining 14 hours is HANDS-ON!

Keep in mind that the small kit is included in the total class cost and is valued at $100. At first glance, some sugaring classes are advertised with a cost that DOES NOT include a kit. The kit is an additional charge.

My class comes with a guarantee! After the 2 days class, if you are not feeling confident with your skill set, we will continue to work together until you do.

Investing in a quality 2 days sugaring class will yield the quickest ROI than most classes and products in the skin care industry.

The return on investment is quick! I never recommend students to offer free services but rather a “perfecting my technique” rate. At a “special rate” of $25 for the services in which you decide to perfect your technique with, will pay your entire class and kit off with a mere 23 clients. That is five to six clients a week for a month. $40 services will pay your class off with a simple 15 clients.

If and when I am able to accommodate a larger class size, the price of the class will be reduced. On the special occasions where a larger class size is taking place, the price will be shown on such marketing materials. If you are a part of a group wishing to learn, feel free to reach out to me and we can organize a cost effective class for all involved.