Availability is Flexible at Your Body’s ReTreat

Hello Good People!!

This is a quick message and a bit of a PSA about my availability. Those who know me best, know I have a nifty online scheduling tool, Schedulicity. However, Schedulicity is not the absolute. If you do not see a preferred day and time available, please give me a call. I require 3 hours notice to book online, I may however have appointments available within a short time frame. Last minute cancellations DO happen and I would love to fill those spots. I reserve early morning and later evening appointments on special days for regular clients, but you must call for those. Many small factors apply to my schedule and availability so please do not hesitate to contact me if you do not see the optimal time and day you need. My number is 817-680-1462. I will be glad to book your appointment. IF you receive our voicemail, please leave a message we will call you back promptly. I receive so many spam calls, I screen sometimes. Text is great too! You may also email us at [email protected].