Q. Can I Use a Numbing Cream or Topical Before My Sugaring Service?

A. No. I am sorry.

The sugaring paste is water soluble. Any lotions, creams, serums, ointments or oils will prevent the sugar paste from adhering to your hair. Furthermore, numbing topical creams only work at the superficial layer of the skin. They will not work deep in the dermis where the hair follicles are. THIS is where any discomfort will take place. It is honestly a waste of resources to use topical numbing creams or sprays prior to waxing. They may give some clients a placebo effect but they can also cause more harm than good.

Q. Well, I used them during traditional waxing appointments.
A. Yes, I understand that many waxing salons encourage numbing creams and they even sell them. Just like with Sugaring, numbing creams can interfere with the application of the wax or, in certain situations, cause allergic reactions. For instance, somebody could be allergic to a benzocaine that contains an anti-itch formula without knowing it. They apply it before they wax, then become itchy. Thinking this is a reaction to the wax, they reapply the product, and therefore worsen the situation. Beyond this, we should all use precaution when using chemicals around such a sensitive area full of membranes. If you are numb, how will you know the wax is too hot for your skin? Why risk burning such a delicate area? It is best to avoid numbing creams and sprays altogether.

Relax. Sugaring is not near as painful as traditional waxing when serviced by an experienced Esthetician and Sugaring Pro. Read more about what to expect regarding discomfort here.