Q. This Is My First Time Waxing/Sugaring. I’m Nervous.

Take a big deep breath! Inhale, exhale! You will be FINE!

I get it, you’ve never shown your genitals to anyone other than a significant other or your doctor. I am comfortable with the human body. I do not look at nudity in the professional work space the same way I look at my spouse. It is simply different. I have been doing this all day most days since 2010. I promise you are in good hands. I have a knack at making people feel super comfortable rather quickly. I expect after your first sugaring appointment, you will LOVE the result so much, you will not think twice about being nude in front of me again.

Q. Is waxing or sugaring painful?

A. Let’s not sugar coat it or beat around the bush, there is some discomfort with hair removal. Here is the thing. Sugar paste does not adhere to live skin. I can touch your skin with a ball of sugar paste as if I’m touching your skin with my hand and the paste will not stick. In order for the hair to be extracted, I have to manually mold and melt the sugar paste into the hair follicles. What is slightly discomforting it your hair being removed by the root out of the follicle. Believe it or not, a chest wax will be more painful than a male Brazilian. This is followed by the nape of the neck and flanks of the back. The hair roots in these areas are typically very strong, course and deeply rooted. Most men will think that the scrotum will be super painful. It isn’t. During a male Brazilian, the part that will be the most uncomfortable will be the base of the shaft. Both ladies and gents, the butt is the EASIEST! You’ll wish all parts of the body being sugared felt like butt sugaring.

If you have ever been sugared and thought, “This is the worst! This is WAY more painful than waxing!”, something went wrong. Your sugarist could have been using the wrong consistency of sugaring paste. A super warm, sticky soft sugar paste isn’t conducive for Brazilians. If she/he did not pull parallel with the skin or if they used entirely too large of sugar molds, then YES, that will hurt. Also, it is very possible that the times you have been waxed, your hair was breaking and not coming out by the root. Since waxing distorts the hair follicle backwards, it is very easy for hair to break. Professional waxers using a quality wax will get most if not all the hair out by the root and that comes with discomfort. In the hands of an experienced Esthetician, the process of sugaring is only minimally uncomfortable. With all of this being said, be mindful that not ALL Estheticians and Sugaring professionals invest in continuing education. Some believe they can learn by watching You Tube videos. Make sure your professional is 1. Licensed to remove hair and 2. Has certifications of continued education in the art of hair removal and Brazilians.

It is not the most comfortable experience but unlike waxing, this discomfort will dissipate within 15 seconds or so. Most waxes, NOT ALL, adhere to the skin as well as the hair. Imagine placing a piece of duct tape to an area of skin with no hair and ripping it off. IT HURTS, even with no hair. Most waxes are warm to HOT. This heat incites circulation and I personally believe that makes people entirely more sensitive. Sugaring paste is room to body temperature.

I practice empathy in hair removal. This means I trim hair that is too long. I take smaller areas at a time if need be. Pulling 20 hairs out at a time vs. 200 hairs is a HUGE difference in pain. Some other waxing professionals may look at my techniques and think “that is too tedious and will take entirely too long”. Actually, it does not. I am efficient. Those who take super large strips of wax or sugar typically miss a LOT of hairs and have to go back over several times to pick up missed hairs. I am able to envelop all the hair in smaller areas efficiently in one pull preventing me from having to re-wax/re-sugar an area. Not to mention that one ball of sugar paste is all I need to get the job done. I do not have to stop and get more sticks and strips of wax which I find is super time consuming. Another technique in empathy hair removal is to give reprieve or a minute to catch your breath if it is really painful. Also, I have stress balls and tequila in my studio. I put the radio on your favorite station or turn Pandora over to the Jim Gaffigan comedy channel so you’ll be laughing more than thinking of your sugaring treatment.

Q. I am still nervous and don’t believe you about the pain. I have a super low pain tolerance. Can I use a topical numbing cream or numbing spray?
A. Nope, I’m very sorry. Trust me, I have your best interest at heart. Click on the question to learn why and more about topical numbing creams and sprays.

At the end of the day, I will never force you to continue to do anything you are uncomfortable with. If you cannot handle it, tell me. I will stop. Very few clients have not been able to continue. Those clients opted to start slow with a basic bikini sugaring and each additional time took a little more hair off until they finally had their complete Brazilian hair free.