Kim’s Skincare Studio in Clinton, Mississippi

Kim’s Skincare Studio in Clinton, Mississippi

Kim Condon

Kim’s Skincare Studio

Clinton Square
380-B Highway 80 East
Clinton, MS 39056
Tel: 601-573-5032


Kim provides sugaring and sugaring certification for Tamara’s Professional Body Sugaring. She provides sugaring for men’s backs, chest and legs…not male Brazilians however.


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Rashelle Barney at Blush Day Spa, Olympia, Washington

Rashelle Barney at Blush Day Spa, Olympia, Washington

Rashelle Barney, Esthetician

Blush Day Spa

1702 4th Avenue E
Olympia Wa 98506
(360) 352-7072


Sugaring services for both women and men (excluding male Brazilians)

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Eve & Adam, Body Sugaring in Westminster, CA

Eve & Adam, Body Sugaring in Westminster, CA

Sarah Lewis, Esthetician and Sugaring Educator

Eve & Adam

14340 Bolsa Chica Rd.
Westminster, CA 92683


Sarah Lewis provides sugaring for both women and men, including Male Brazilians. Sarah is also a Sugaring Educator.

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Body Bare ~ Sugaring in Yakima, Washington

Body Bare ~ Sugaring in Yakima, Washington

Dawn Garland, Esthetician

506 North 40th Avenue Suite 102
Yakima, Washington 98908

Dawn provides Sugaring services to both women and men, including male Brazilians. Dawn is also a Sugaring Educator providing education in the Advanced Art of Body Sugaring.
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Nikki Kitko, Esthetician for Bliss by Nikki ~ Fairview Park, Ohio

Nikki Kitko, Esthetician for Bliss by Nikki ~ Fairview Park, Ohio

Bliss By Nikki, Loft 18
3141 Westgate Drive
Fairview Park, Ohio 44126




Online Scheduling:


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Asucar ~ Body Sugaring in San Diego, California

Asucar ~ Body Sugaring in San Diego, California

Suzanne, Licensed Esthetician


Located in Jean Claude Salon & Spa
3594 5th Ave. San Diego CA 92103
(619) 212-3544 (Voice or Text)




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Bare Sugaring Studio, California

Bare Sugaring Studio, California

Esthetician, Felicia Rincon

Bare Sugaring Studio
940 Tyler St
Studio 31
Benicia, CA 94510
Phone number (707) 515-8964

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Your Body’s ReTreat Celebrates it’s 11th Year in Business

Your Body’s ReTreat celebrates it’s 11th year in Business

Here is a little history for you. I attended Massage Therapy training during the year of 1998 and graduated January 1999. Finding work in Massage Therapy was challenging, there were not many chain places that you see today. I stopped working in the restaurant industry and began doing clerical work for a temporary agency. I had been on one assignment for about eight months I was notified I would have one week left before I would be out of a job. It was August of 2000, I was 24 years old and I knew it was time to put the Massage Therapy to use. To make a long story shorter, after two interviews, I was offered a position at a massage clinic located in Bedford, Texas. The manager was super nice and all of the therapists were very friendly. I always knew I wanted to one day “run my own show”, I simply never knew where to begin. In March of 2003 I stopped working for this company and began doing some graduate intern work for the Massage Therapy institution in order to pay for continuing education. I met an individual who offered to rent me a room at an affordable rate until I built up my clientele. On April 1, 2003, I began Doing Business As, Your Body’s ReTreat. Whooo Hoooo! Celebrating 11 years in business

By December 2003, in order to keep my overhead low, I began working from home. Massage Therapy has really served me well. I cannot describe in words how much I really benefit from each client who allows me to work with them. By the end of 2008, due to the financial turmoil the nation was in and the fact I wanted to begin transitioning my business outside of my home, I began to look into my fall-back plan. I had always been interested in Skincare and thought it would be a fantastic way to open up my demographic. I made the decision to give up my apartment, move in with my father and go back to school full-time, 40 hours a week! Needless to say, I lost much of my massage therapy clientele. I graduated Ogle School in Hurst with a License in Esthetics December 2009. It was time to hit the ground running. Advertising was now much different than it used to be. I was hearing terminology like content management systems, SEO, metadata and HTML. Social Media for businesses was beginning to rise. If you are not computer savvy, running a small business is more challenging. Most of us who graduate from vocational training are not taught how to advertise and market very well. We do not spend many hours on topics such as networking. I spent numerous hours in front of my computer, watched instructional videos and read plenty of articles. This enabled me to build a search friendly website. People were beginning to find me now.

A client had sent me in a direction about sugaring and after so many clients asked about hair removal, I realized this was a huge area of interest and the Hurst, Euless, Bedford area did not have ANY professionals being found for intimate hair removal such as Brazilians. LIGHTBULB! (in my Gru Voice). I began taking as many workshops and seminars on Brazilian waxing as well as becoming certified in the Art of Body Sugaring Hair Removal. It truly took off. By 2011, I was needing help. My classmate from Ogle and friend, Pamela Adams, began working with me. Pam developed her skill in Sugaring quickly and built a loyal clientele base who continues to follow her today. I am so thankful for Pam, she has a charming personality and her laugh will make you smile. She maintains professionalism, offers me invaluable advice and represents Your Body’s ReTreat as if the business were her own. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Pam!

I have had a few ladies come to assist Your Body’s ReTreat (and ME) in growth. Though I am confident Your Body’s ReTreat would always thrive, I still acknowledge the skill and personality that these ladies brought forth and I will appreciate each and everyone of them. Rhonda, Jennifer, Julie and Andrea…Thank You.

My father has been something else during this journey of mine. He has been supportive and at times, my Devil’s Advocate, but then the latter is actually a form of support. He has been my handy man, doing the painting, flooring and cabinet installing for each of my locations. He is truly super and I so blessed to have him in my life and a part of my success. I love you, Dad…Thank you.

Jamie' dad helping to remodel a treatment room

My dad, sanding and cleaning the floor of a treatment room. :)

Last, but never least, the most important, have been YOU! My wonderful clients. I enjoy sharing, learning and laughing with you (sometimes a cry). I consider many of you as friends. Your Body’s ReTreat would not be the successful entity it is, 11 years later, if it were not for the loyal clients we have. Thank you!

It is difficult to imagine where Your Body’s ReTreat will be two, five and ten years from now. There is still so much I would like to do and offer. Whatever it is and however it is done, I look forward to sharing the journey with my friends, my family, my associates and clients! Thank you for celebrating Your Body’s ReTreat’s 11th Year in Business with us!

Jamie Renee
Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician, Sugaring Educator

first massage room

My very first massage room. I didn’t own much. I borrow furniture. I did not have a hot towel cabinet :0

Your Body's ReTreat Treatment room 1

My Domain, Your Oasis! One of Four treatment rooms! Isn’t it grand to see growth?!

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Models Needed for Sugaring Certification

Models Needed for Sugaring Certification

Jamie is an educator for the Advanced method of Body Sugaring. When classes are held, models are needed for:Lower Leg Demo 0 01 04-18

  • Lower leg sugaring
  • Underarm sugaring
  • Bikini sugaring
  • Lip, Chin and Cheek Sugaring
  • Back Sugaring ** (if the model intends to provide services for men)

Typically, the certification class is two days. The first day we require models for legs and back sugaring only. Day two is reserved for the smaller, more detailed areas such as face, underarms and bikini. When there is only one student, we may do an intensive One-day class.

If you are a model, the services are either free of charge or will be a nominal $10 fee, $25 for Brazilian service, depending on class size and demand.

I will reserve one appointment to demonstrate the Brazilian techniques after the student has performed the bikini sugaring. Established clients are permitted to be the model for this. Once you are an established client, you may be a model for the Brazilian.

If you are a model for this class, it is imperative that you commit to the appointment time as it is near impossible to fill the position last minute. Most of the students fly or drive hundreds of miles to take this class. If you do not show, they do not learn.

Sunday June 29 and Monday June 3oth

Sunday we need models for BACK and LEGS

Monday we need models for BIKINI, UNDERARMS, FACIAL SUGARING

Please email me at if you would like to be a model. If you are signed up through Constant Contact, edit your profile information to be included in the “Models for Sugaring Certification” email blast.


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New Updates on Policies, Location, Daily Deal Exclusions and More

New Updates on Policies, Location, Daily Deal Exclusions and More…

Cancellation Policy:  Effective June 24, 2018
We request a 24 hour cancellation. We understand that unforeseen circumstances arise. If you do not cancel your appointment within 24 hours, so that we may fill your appointment slot, you will be charged upon your next visit $25.00. If you do not show up for your appointment and never call, you will be charged in full for your appointment, if you wish to continue receiving treatments from Your Body’s ReTreat. We thank you for the understanding and compliance.

Hair Removal Appointments:

No lotion or oil on the part to be sugared as the sugar will not adhere. When booking a sugaring appointment, please have 10-14 days of hair growth. Sugaring may be able to extract hair by the root at 1/16th of an inch, however, it will be extremely time consuming and the service may not be as thorough. We would be disappointed for you to have to reschedule the appointment if your hair is not long enough. DO NOT worry if it is too long, we will trim your hair if it is too long. Also, exfoliate (we are partial to the exfoliating washcloth, body wash poofs and granular scrubs are not as effective) and hydrate (drink lots of water) a few times prior to your appointment, just not the day of. This will reduce the amount of hair breakage and enable us to remove more hair by the root. Disclaimer (also found on the web and on your intake paperwork): All services are rendered professionally, at no time should any part of the service be confused with anything sensual or sexual. Thank you for respecting our professional boundaries.

New Clients for Maintenance Visits ~ If this is your first visit to Your Body’s ReTreat and you have scheduled a Brazilian Maintenance, the first visit will be $70 and consecutive visits will be $55. Online deals, vouchers and coupons are only valid on regularly priced services.

Yelp Deals, Groupon Deals, On-line Discounts, Email Coupons:

Any deals, percentages off, dollars off, discounts or coupons that you receive for services are valid on regularly priced services during normal business hours. This particularly relates to the V.I.P. Brazilian Sugaring Maintenance visit that is typically $55-65, this is a $30 savings incentive to maintain your appointment. Regularly priced Brazilians are $85 for women and $95 for men.
Every now and again, we may accommodate clients earlier or later than normal hours and on Sundays and Mondays when we are typically closed. If you would like to use an online deal or coupon, please schedule during our normal business hours.


Your Body’s ReTreat is located at 204 W. Bedford Euless Rd Suite 101, Hurst, Texas 76053. This location is on the corner of Harrison and Bedford Euless Rd. directly across from Miguelitos Restaurant. There are two main doors to the Bedford Office Suites, 200 and 204. Go inside 204 (the left door, which is sort of hidden), suite 101 will be the first suite on the left.

Saturday/Sunday, and After Hour Appointments: My vacation is up coming PLEASE BE SURE TO COMMIT!

I (Jamie) am the part-time Advanced Esthetics Instructor at DuVall’s School of Cosmetology in the evenings Monday -Thursday 4:30 – 10:00 pm. I love it! However, my schedule is very tight. Saturdays are most definitely the most sought after day for appointments and it can be difficult to fill no-shows and last minute cancellations. Sunday availability is available sometimes in order to accommodate clients. Daily deals, discounts and coupons are not valid on Sundays before or after business hours. Please make sure you can commit to appointments made on Saturday and Sundays.

Vacation Dates: August 22-September 2, 2018. Please schedule your maintenance/follow-up appointments now for July and August. This will ensure optimal accommodation. Thank you!

About Bringing Guests and Children to Your Appointment:

Relaxing Massage Therapy and Facial sessions are taking place during our appointment time. There is a small waiting area for adult guests accompanying you, however, children must be able to maintain quiet conversations so to not disturb massage and facial treatments. We kindly ask guests to silence their cell phones and take conversations outside the suite. Thank you for this consideration.

Payment Methods:

Your Body’s ReTreat accepts the following payment methods:

Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Gift Certificates…in a nutshell, we accept it all :)

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